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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a DANCE fitness experience that cohesively blends creative and authentic choreography with PURPOSEFUL movement to deliver RESULTS while creating a sense of community with a positive VIBE.

Vibe Fitness, Inc. Company Overview

Vibe Fitness, Inc. was officially launched in 2013 with seven Vibe formats: Club Vibe®, Vibe Infusion™, Smooth Vibe™, Lil' Vibe™, Vibe Smash™, Vibe Lite™, and Christian Vibe™. Vibe Fitness® programs are committed to educating dance fitness professionals who possess a passion and desire for continuous growth in an ever changing industry. We offer several unique dance fitness formats designed to help participants develop a healthy lifestyle, while enjoying the journey. Our trainings prepare instructors to deliver the VIBE experience which stands for excellence. Licensed Vibe Fitness instructors gain full access to our database which gives them a wide variety of creative choreography and all of the necessary tools to teach successful VIBE classes. Vibe Fitness instructors work as independent contractors and may teach at fitness facilities and studios that offer group classes and personal training. There is no license fee for facilities to carry the VIBE brand!

Vibe Formats foster a sense of community and camaraderie. New participants are always welcomed and encouraged by the Vibe family! Our goal is to create a fun and effective experience that delivers results so participants come back for more.

Meet the Executive Team

Allyson "Ally" Ponte is the 2015 Up and Coming Female Presenter of the Year for SCW Boston Mania. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vibe Fitness, Inc, as well as the creator and Master Trainer for Club Vibe® and the Vibe Fitness® formats. She is the Founder and President of Studio 13 Fitness, a mobile dance fitness studio. With over 20 years experience her background includes; award winning national fitness presenter, instructor trainer, choreographer, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. She is a continuing education provider for ACE, AFAA and SCW and teaches multiple weekly classes in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kelly Schur is the 2015 Up and Coming Female Presenter of the Year for SCW Boston Mania. She is the Chief Operations Officer of Vibe Fitness, Inc, as well as a Master Trainer and program developer for the Vibe Fitness® formats. She is the co-creator of Lil’ Vibe™ and Smooth Vibe™. With an extensive studio dance background she has performed and competed all over the United States. Kelly is an award winning national fitness presenter and AFAA certified professional group fitness instructor with training in multiple dance formats. She is part of Studio 13 Fitness Master Instructor Team and teaches multiple weekly classes in Atlanta, Georgia.

Discover Club Vibe®

"The definition of dance fitness."

Club Vibe® is an exercise science based dance format which cohesively blends authentic studio style dance with cutting edge fitness to deliver a fun, non-stop, safe and results driven workout that appeals to all levels and abilities. The Club Vibe format provides a structured interval training formula that when applied to dance choreography delivers a true fitness experience.

Each routine is choreographed to be a unique and cohesive blend of studio style dance and cutting edge fitness. The energy in a Club Vibe class is explosive! Participants have so much fun they often forget that they are exercising and burning calories. The music and moves come together along with high quality instruction by a skilled and motivated fitness professional to create an experience like no other.

Experience the VIBE

Dance fitness formats are gaining popularity as well as publicity and there are many to choose from. Club Vibe is different for several reasons:
  • There is no licensing fee to carry Club Vibe® or the any of the VIBE Fitness® formats
  • High attraction, referral and attrition rates for new and existing club members
  • Vibe Fitness instructors are professional, reputable and able to deliver a consistent quality VIBE experience
  • Results-driven Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) principal which ultimately increases lean muscle, decreases body fat, and significantly intensifies EPOC.
  • Format challenges both body and mind. Participants learn stimulating and dynamic choreography which increases cognitive function and creates new neural pathways
  • VIBE Fitness brand fosters a strong community connection by developing, building and strengthening relationships through dance in and out of a group fitness setting


Become an instructor and get fresh, new dances every week from our team of talented choreographers. Gain instant access to the official instructor database with over 100 routines including insider step by step tutorials. Connect to our exclusive professional instructor group with tools to build and enhance your classes.

This awesome opportunity awaits YOU with a low monthly/quarterly subscription fee, and even lower with a national fitness certification which is not required but is rewarded!

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